Doctor Who Season 8 (Spoilers)

I just finished season 8 of Doctor Who. I still can’t decide how much I like the 12th Doctor, but I still don’t like Clara very much. From her beginning I never thought she had much going for her. I thought she was quite boring. The most interesting thing about her was the fact that The Doctor kept meeting her in different points in time and she never remembered. The whole Impossible Girl thing. Except that stopped happening after she became his companion. A cool episode might have been one where The Doctor meets another version of Clara while current Clara is with him, but he has to keep them from meeting each other for fear of creating a paradox or something. I imagine a funny run around like the classic two-dates-to-the-prom story line. Whether they do meet in the end or not it would be a call back to that aspect of her character, which I don’t think happens at all with No. 12.

But the Impossible Girl thing is never resolved! Correct if I’m wrong and I will love you forever. Maybe this is not the end of Clara’s time as a companion and I just have to wait for the next season. The teaser at the end of the finale with Santa Claus did hint that they would address the fact that both Clara and The Doctor are not okay. So hopefully Clara’s get enough screen time, at least in the Christmas episode, to fix the hole in my heart that she made when she lied about Danny being back, and also to answer my Impossible Girl questions.

It is always equally sad and disturbing to see The Doctor so upset that he will: cry, yell so much that he visibly scares a companion, or smashes The TARDIS. He did two of those things at once after he discovered that Gallifrey was not at the coordinates that Missy had told him. And then he lied about it to Clara! Come ooooooon! I’m counting on Santa to fix all these problems.

In the first episode of the season when we meet Missy for the first time I thought she was Clara. Or another version of Clara. An older crazy version of Clara. The way that she says “Where do you think you are?” in that very “duh” tone of voice absolutely reminded me of Clara. Also I thought that they just looked very slightly similar and calling The Doctor her boyfriend is something a crazy Clara might do. I imagined that Clara became too confident about traveling with The Doctor and started taking matters into her own hands too much and one day did something so terrible, but “for The Doctor’s own good,” that he had to kick her out of The TARDIS and swore never to see her again which drove her crazy because she cares about him so much and believes that he absolutely needs her, that she got all weird and powerful and was hatching some crazy scheme to be with The Doctor again. That was one of my initial predictions. I like it better than yet another return of The Master.

Usually I like Cybermen, and this time I had such a freak out when I realized it was them (when The Doctor says “Who would harvest dead bodies? I feel like I’m missing something obvious.” Then the doors close and the windows look like cyber eyes). My issue though (and again correct me if I’m wrong) is that the corpses can’t just suddenly have Cybermen armor. In every other episode humans have to undergo painful “upgrades” to become Cybermen. This entails being operated on by machines to fuse the body with the mechanics. I don’t buy that any corpse will get rained on by Cyberman clouds and emerge from the grave with a brand new body.

Again again I welcome information that I might have missed during the episode that will answer my questions and quiet my criticisms.

Did I mention how much I cried in the last episode?

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