The Snow Sport Struggle

I’m looking to buy some skis. I was also searching for a snowboard and seeing what better deals I could find, but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not a snowboarder. I know I shouldn’t say that without trying snowboarding first. Maybe one day I will rent a board and see how I do, but if I’m going to invest in one or the other I will chose the one that I have experience with already. The only reason why I considered getting a snowboard is because the person I am seeing right now is a snowboarder and recently became a certified instructor. I’m trying to have more things in common with that person so I figured that being taught how to do something that that person enjoys would be a good start (duh).

<And why don’t we just start calling the person I am seeing “SP” (for “special person”) to make things easier. Have you noticed I am taking advantage of anonymity?>

While I am not adverse to trying new things, and I’m sure learning to snowboard with SP would be fun, I’m already not great at several things and my confidence is not super high in most sporty things. I want to look good for SP, not completely incompetent. I would rather go skiing with SP and our friends (who also mostly snowboard) and be a not very bold skier, than be a totally noob snowboarder and hold everything up. I did enough of that when learning to ski. There is also the stereotype that snowboarders are the cool, risk taking, rebellious guys who do tricks all day. I know snowboarders who do and do not fit that description. I also know skiers who do fit that description. I definitely do not. I’m not the kind of person who tries hard to look cool by doing crazy shit, so I’d rather not even go near that stereotype. I’ll look cool later when I’m relaxing in SP’s hot tub (I’m really good at hot tubs).

The whole question of ski or snowboard wouldn’t be as big of a deal as it is, if SP didn’t live in a ski mountain resort village. There is very little to do at SP’s house during the day which doesn’t really matter until someone like me comes around. We did go skating at the outdoor rink last time I was there and that was nice, but I’m also not great at that and the ice hadn’t been cleaned yet so… it could have been better. Like I mentioned there is a hot tub at SP’s place and I do ensure that we take advantage of that every time I visit. I did also win the poker game last time which was very exciting for me.

The main reason why this is a big deal though is because I want things to work out with SP. Obviously that becomes more likely if I make as much of an effort as I can to get into things that SP is into. And hey, if skiing and/or snowboarding doesn’t work out, it doesn’t take much skill to use snowshoes.

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