The Photo Behind the Title

The cover image displayed behind my blog title was taken last fall. My parents, sister, brother-in-law, and I were hiking a mountain called Camel’s Hump. It is very close to the house where I grew up and where my parents still live. The hike only took about 4 hours round trip, but arriving to the start point by car took what felt like forever. The road leading to the beginning of the walking trail is a very old decommissioned logging road. No one maintains it (hence being decommissioned) and time has not been kind to it. We chose a day for adventure that was a day or two after some rainfall which created lake sized puddles in the road. To avoid getting our Tracker stuck in the muck we all (except for the driver) got out of the car and tested where the deepest parts of the puddles were. Luckily we never got stuck, but it would have been a very different day if we had.

About 3/4 of the way to the first hump the walking trail becomes quite wide and flat because it connects to a horse riding trail. One of our neighbors owns a guest ranch that caters to European travelers (mostly Swiss). They offer hiking, trail riding, lake trips, atv rides, and English lessons. When I was young I used to spend a lot of time there because I was good friends with the daughters of the owners, one of which was the same age as me and in the same grade at school. We are an example of friends who grew apart and we don’t talk anymore, but there was a day when we bumped into each other at college a couple years ago and it was really nice to see her again.

There are two humps on the Camel’s Hump trail, and none of us had ever gone to the second one. It adds about an hour or less to the trip and is all up and down. My mom did not feel confident enough to do the second part so she stayed at the first hump and waited for us. At certain spots we could see her sitting on a rock and we would call and wave to her, and she would wave back with her walking pole.


The photograph was taken at the highest point of the second hump. It was a fun, not too difficult accomplishment, and we were all glad that we had gone the whole way. It made me feel good about my physical condition because my job last summer was doing environmental conservation work for (mostly) the South Okanagan, which required a lot of hiking and manual labour. Therefore I was still feeling strong enough to hiking fairly quickly and be first in line at some points (mostly just the beginning when I had the most energy, after that was nothing special).

I enjoy hiking and there’s a small mountain in my current city that I have hiked a couple times with my roommate. Last time we went it was getting close to Christmas so people had decorated some of the trees. At the top of the hike there is a large lookout gazebo type shelter which is perfect to sit and relax in. On our first hike of that mountain we met a firefighter from Boston named Dave. He was hilarious. He was here visiting his daughter. We had a chat with him at the beginning of the hike and he joked that he really hoped one of us knew CPR because he might not make it to the top without injury. We saw him at the top and we shared our lunches with him and he told us about being a firefighter. We saw him again at the bottom and it was like an entire lifetime of knowing someone crammed into the space of a coupe hours. It was neat. The next time we do that hike I want to carve Dave’s name into the wood railing of the lookout next to the initials + initials inside heart shapes and the so and so was here signatures.

The photograph captures Lumby. It’s hard to tell because there’s not much of it. Lumby is a very very small town with a population of only 1,731 people. But it’s a pretty cool one streetlight kind of town. I love this photo because it shows where I come from. I was with my family when it was taken, and I know I will always go back there. And even if things change in my life with where I live or who I’m with or what I know, Lumby will never change. It’s home.

lumby logo

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