It’s Everyone’s Fault But Mine

I spilled jasmine tea on my laptop keyboard earlier today while watching The 100 on Netflix with my roommate M. Now the keyboard is all screwy. At first the left side typed the wrong letters, or with added symbols, but now whenever there is a space to type anything, including the URL bar or an open start menu search bar, it just repeatedly types ssssssssss. So now I have to blog from my phone which is much less fun. If anyone out there can suggest a fix I would really appreciate it and love you forever. My first thought was to take apart the laptop and look at the hardware, but who am I kidding? Sure I’ve seen it done before, but not with my laptop and what would I possibly be able to accomplish if I did? I kind of tried to reset the default keyboard settings through the control panel, but I think I did it wrong or didn’t do enough.

Bah! Anyway. I’ll probably pay to get it fixed. It’s not  nice laptop and other people would take this as a sign to get a new one, but I’m cheap and I’m saving up for my trip this summer. Sooooo yeah. I’m just annoyed now and wanted to vent a little bit. And it took me so much longer to write this on my phone than it would have taken on my computer. Byyyye.

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