Wow, It’s March Already

Boy have I been busy. February was a bundle of laughs: I discovered Tinder, was forced to send away my cat by our behaviorally inconsistent landlady, had a birthday, began rehearsals for a play in my hometown, and had my hours cut back at work which meant goodbye any notions of a steady paycheck and hello hours of applying for countless jobs and their inevitable rejection of me. So when I say “bundle of laughs” I mean for everyone except me. Maybe I’m being too dramatic. The birthday was fun, and the play is exciting. I’m addicted to Tinder so that is definitely in the bad column. So yeah, up until recently things have been mostly bad. And now March is almost over! Gee wiz. The big event of March was getting an awesome job and then being fired after three days.

The boss lady said I wasn’t being “fired” or “let go” or anything bad like that, I just wasn’t needed anymore. To me that falls under the “terminated” category, but I don’t like referring to myself in a way that sounds like I was killed by a robot unless I do actually get killed by a robot. So I just say I was “fired.” The job was working on a hobby farm for a family who also ran a landscaping company. Farming and landscaping are both things that I really want to try at least once in life so it seemed like I hit the jackpot with this job. I was even honest about going traveling in the summer and they still wanted me. For the first while the job was going to be mostly housekeeping and helping with some aspects of some renovations they were doing. I was getting paid $13 an hour so I thought “hell yeah I’ll wash dishes and paint some doors.” Later I would transition to doing more things outside concerning the animals they were raising, and help the boss man plan and build a permaculture garden. At college I worked for a professor doing a research project on permaculture in higher learning institutions and ever since then I have wanted to put my research into action and build a real garden. I have also always wanted to learn how to milk a cow. Everything was coming up Milhouse! Or so it seemed until the boss lady said that she wasn’t “comfortable ordering someone around” to clean up after her five kids. She kept saying things to soften the blow like “you have so much to offer.” Yeah I know that I can do more interesting and challenging things than organizing your medicine cabinet, but guess what lady, I took this job knowing full well what it would entail and clearly you didn’t when you hired me. So maybe put your pride aside and realize that hiring someone for only three days is totally shit.

Ugh. Please excuse me, gentle readers, I got really excited for that job and then I got really let down so I needed to vent.

I’ll talk about the play in my next post.

I miss Justice, my super kitty. I was forced to send him to live at my parents’ house for fear of being evicted. When I first moved in to the apartment I was told by the roommate guy who was subletting since he also lives in the apartment, that pets were allowed. Hell, he even had a rabbit and two rats. Apparently though “allowed” was very strong language to use concerning the animals. The whole building turned out to be a no pet zone, but this guy had been hiding his pets for four years. Except that the landlady knew about his pets, but at some point decided not to care about those animals. So she freaked out about Justice because other people in the building were using him as an excuse to also bring in pets. I see where she is coming from because not all pets are as clean as Justice, but come on lady! She knew about him for a long time before she finally decided to get pissy about it. She even made a point a few months ago to have an outdoor discussion with my roommate where she said very loudly (so that others in the building would hear her) “THE CAT IS GONE RIGHT?” while she knew full well that he was not in fact gone. My roommate played along of course, but she has never had the same attitude one day to the next about the issue. I always want to tell my roommate that he was an asshole about lying to me when I moved in, and that if I had known about the no pet rule I would not have moved in. The problem with saying that though, is if I hadn’t moved in there I would not have met our other roommate, F. F is my best friend in all the world and I want us to always be together. I’m getting too mushy and gross now, but seriously I wouldn’t be in a good place emotionally right now if I didn’t have F in my life.

So even when things are shit I still have F, and that makes everything better. And Justice is only an hour and a half away so I do get to see him often enough, especially since the play started. And I’ll be going to Europe soon! I do have things to look forward to. I should stop complaining 😉

Job search

I’m writing instead of applying for jobs.

Right now is an annoying time to start a new job because if it’s at a place that will be open on, or close to Christmas, I won’t be able to get as much time off as other employees who started earlier. That is one reason why I am trying to land an office job. I also want something that has a constant schedule, a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday kind of thing. My last job was a seasonal retail gig that ended earlier this month. We never knew our schedules more than a week in advance, and often only day to day. It was a Halloween store and (besides the annoying scheduling) it was awesome because I love love love costumes! The best part was working the dressing rooms because you just stood there and told people that they looked nice in this Shore Thing Sailor or that Deputy Putdown Police Officer, or that they might like a Goin’ Clubbing Cave-woman better. The closer it got to Halloween the more times we were allowed to wear the costumes around the store. My favorite was a pirate captain outfit. Oh yeah, I also met the person that I recently started going out with at the store too. A coworker at a Halloween store. How perfect is that?!

Under different circumstances I would be looking for an environmental job because I got a Resource Management Diploma in Environmental Studies from college last year. For the last two summers I’ve had a really cool conservation job. Besides that though I don’t have any work experience related to my diploma. I’ve been really wanting to get started on a long term, fulfilling environmental job or career but I think I’ll have to wait until next summer…

The town I live in now is too small to have very many opportunities for what I want to do. Therefore I will probably have to move to Vancouver. I have accepted this and it will be nice to live closer to my sister, but I don’t want to do it yet. I have a really good living situation right now. The rent is low and I love my one roommate (the other roommate is okay too). We are also really close to downtown so it’s great for everything from clubbing and restaurants to walking to the library or City Park and the beach. My old coworker that I’m seeing now also lives relatively close so I don’t really want to move far away.

Things will change in the spring though because my parents and my sister are planning a trip to Europe for three weeks. My sister suggested that I come with, but stay and do an extended trip to see even more because I’m at a good point in my life to do that. I really want to go through with that and I told my roommate and another friend that they should come with me. The amount of time that we will travel will probably depend on how much money we have. Which is a great incentive to get a high paying job, but one that I will be okay with leaving if they don’t keep me around after I take off for a few months.

My roommate also wants to move to Vancouver, so after we get back in the summer or fall we might do that. There we will have more opportunities. My roommate might continue with university there, and I can find a sweet environmental job. For the time being though I will be making as much money as possible, which will probably involve having more than one job. The first step to that is actually getting a single job. So I better get back to searching.